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Explosion Vents

At SDC, we take combustible dust very seriously. Providing a safe and accurate solution to your combustible dust problem is our highest priority. At SDC, we are able to provide explosion vent sizing and recommendations for your specific application according to the latest regulations provided by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) and the NFPA standards.

Dust can be separated into two categories: combustible and non-combustible. Non-combustible dust, as its name implies, will not under predictable conditions ignite, burn, release flammable gases, or support combustion when subjected to fire or heat. Combustible dust on the other hand, when suspended in an oxidizing medium, will pose a fire or deflagration hazard, regardless of size or shape of the dust. Therefore, a potential dust explosion hazard exists wherever combustible dusts accumulate, are handled, or are processed. 

 Explosion venting of process equipment is one of the most frequently used methods to mitigate explosion risks in industry. The principle has been used for many years and, if applied correctly, works very well. NFPA 68 describes the specific requirements for explosion vent sizing, including design, installation, and maintenance of vent devices intended to limit deflagration pressures. In the most basic form, venting puts controlled weak spots on the wall of a dust collector which will open to relieve pressure so it doesn’t turn into a potential explosion.

 Scientific Dust collectors can supply you with other Fire & Explosion mitigation equipment such as Isolation Valves, No Return Valves, High Speed Abort Gates, Etc.  


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