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OSHA Ladders

 At SDC, we will engineer and manufacture any fixed ladder you require to the latest Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. We are able to provide a variety of ladder options that conform to the OSHA 1910.27 design requirements including:

  • One-Piece Fixed Caged Ladder
  • Two-Piece Fixed Caged Ladder
  • One-Piece Fixed Side-Step Caged Ladder
  • Two-Piece Fixed Side-Step Caged Ladder
  • One-Piece Fixed Open Ladder
  • Two-Piece Fixed Open Ladder


We do not have pre-made or stock length ladders in our inventory. Instead, we custom manufacture your ladder at the same time as your dust collector to ensure fit and function during installation. Because we do not have stock length ladders, we can custom manufacture your ladder up to 30' long down to the nearest 1/16" to fit your dust collector and specific site requirements.

Including a SDC ladder on your dust collection system ensures that you are getting a high-quality, heavy-duty, OSHA approved ladder made specifically for your application.

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