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Filter Receivers

Scientific Dust Collectors® (SDC) is pleased to announce a new product addition to our complete line of dust collection equipment for dry particulate.  The new product is called a Filter-Receiver and is a high vacuum device used in processing as a collection device in pneumatic material transfer. These special baghouses can handle pressures up to 14psi or 28Hg. These baghouses can be manufactured in either stainless steel or painted carbon steel. The equipment incorporates SDC’s patented supersonic nozzle based cleaning technology systems for reverse pulse jet dust collectors. SDC’s unique new cleaning nozzle provides an improvement in cleaning technology that achieves superior performance when compared to existing technology.

SDC has used nozzle based cleaning systems on reverse pulse jet collectors in the manufacturing industry for over 36 years.  The key to the performance of this unique cleaning system is the scientific design of the cleaning nozzle. This patented technology provides even more induced cleaning air into the filter media than any other system now available.
Special nozzle designs also allow for SDC’s collectors to operate successfully at lower compressed air rates, thus saving compressed air usage.

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