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Energy Savings Calculator

Scientific Dust Collectors® provides Baghouse Energy Savings:

Scientific Dust Collectors (SDC) offers the ability to calculate the potential horsepower energy savings available by using SDC’s unique baghouse design. This unique nozzle based baghouse filter design allows SDC to clean the filter media better than ever before. In addition, using our baghouse design eliminates the venturi at the top of the filter bag/cage. This results in a pressure drop reduction of 2” WC. SDC now provides the end user with the ability to see what  dollar savings can be achieved by using this unique baghouse design.

The attached document will allow you to see how much your horsepower dollar savings can total as well as compressed air savings.  You can change the figures as necessary:  Electrical Cost for Your Area in $/kWh, Hours of Operation Per Day, Days of Operation Per Year, System Air Volume and System Static Pressure. Whether you require a new baghouse or a retrofit, SDC can save you money year after year.

NOTE:  you may also want to consider the annual Filter usage.  Scientific Dust Collectors uses less filter media and guarantees a longer filter life for most applications  Consider the pricing of how much filter media is needed, and the frequency that you will need to replace that filter media.  Also consider that the filter media required for all SDC model dust collectors are not proprietary – meaning you don’t have to come to us for filters.  We do recommend you purchase filter media from well established companies with a history of supplying quality filters.


If you have any questions about how these calculations work, please give us a call at 708 597 7090.


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