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Dust Testing

 At SDC, we believe that every dust collector should be designed for the dust it is collecting rather than being a commodity item. We offer FREE Dust Testing services for our customers so that we can design a dust collector to meet their needs. Our Engineering Testing Lab has the means to test the following characteristics about your dust:

  • Compression & Agglomeration Testing (for Filter Cake performance)
  • Moisture & Oil Contents and Absorption Testing (for Media determination)
  • Suspension Velocity in our Can Velocity Tester (to determine Maximum Can Velocity)
  • Particle Size and Shape Analysis on our Digital Microscope (up to 2500x capability)


After testing your dust in our Engineering Testing Lab, SDC will complete and provide a Dust Analysis Report with our recommendations and quotation tailored for your dust collector.

If you're interested in having your dust tested by SDC, please fill out the Contact Us form with your information and we will send you instructions on getting your dust to us.


*Please note. SDC is NOT capable of testing for Combustible Dusts or Dust Explosivity Ratings for Combustible Dusts. We can assist you in getting your Combustible Dust tested by an accredited lab. Please contact us for further information.

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