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“The differential across our bag filters is .75 inches after two weeks of operating. This system has really made a lot of people happier and healthier to come to work. The system is working better than my initial expectations.”
John Chant, 340 Ranchers (Sawdust/Woodshop Dust)
“It’s easy for the maintenance team to take care of the baghouse because everything is accessible. We’ve been operating the baghouse for more than two years and have had no maintenance issues and are still using the original bag filters.”
Lyle Bronkema, Cascade Dafo (Prosthetic Orthotics Dust)
“Another benefit we’ve experienced is low operating and maintenance costs because the bag filters last so long.”
Keith Anderson, West Coast Cosmetics (Rouge)
“Our Scientific Dust Collector is running with a pressure drop across the filters of less than 1.5 IWC. It helped us drastically reduce the dust in our facility.”
David Wilkin, Cor-A-Vent Plastics (HDPE Dust)
“We have four Scientific Dust Collectors that were installed in early 1990’s and work just fine.” - Collects Felt Dust at a 12:1 Air-to-Cloth Ratio
Dave Wails, Bollman Hat Company
“No problems with our Scientific Baghouse.” - Collects Paper Dust at a 12:1 Air-to-Cloth Ratio.
Dave Volz, Unique Binders (Paper Dust)
“Our Scientific Dust Collector was installed in 1989 to collect gypsum dust. It has operated more reliably for us than other collectors.”
Mark Mattson, Georgia-Pacific (Gypsum Dust)
"Everyone said don't buy it because it was different. . .this thing works great!" - Collecting Wood Dust at a 18.4:1 Air-to-Cloth Ratio since 2004.
Ron Kirkpatrick, Alpine Wood Products (Wood Dust)

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